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You can't go wrong with them..It's worth it if you get APPROVED as fast as I did.

I stopped working in October 2014, I was a registered nurse, office manager. I had worked in nursing since 1987. When I decided to stop working it was because of the stress and ailments that I was having and the pain that I could no longer endure. I found Disability Digest after several people here in Florida was writing me about disability. I never thought I would get approved, but I came in contact with a person named Gail, and she was the nicest sweetest person you could ever want to meet. We had several phone calls and she walked me through the paper work step by step. It is a lot of paper work, but if you follow her instructions and you have the correct information there should be no reason for not getting approved with disability digest. Only one thing I have to make sure you understand is to keep your eye out for their emails because I missed a lot of them until Gail would follow up and ask me why I hadn't filled them out, so it's not advertisements. It's also critical to listen to the video they send you to understand what you should and should not say. You can't go wrong with them, they charge the same as others, 25 %, but it's worth it if you get approved as fast as I did.

Malinda Loew

I have had an all around wonderful experience working with you..


I have had a great experience working with you and your team. Not only were you informative,but also kind and willing to listen and answer all the question that I had.It was so helpful to find I was not the only one going through this nightmare that is Fibromyalgia. I decided to go with one of the lawyers recommended by Chuck and have had an all around wonderful experience working with you.

Thank you for everything.

Lisa Smallwood

Did Everything You Recommended... SSDI approved in 4 months Thanks

Dear Mr. Therrien:

I signed up for your program and then later joined as an affiliate not long after I became too sick to work in October of 2007. I filed for disability and geared up for the fight of my life.

I hired Allsup Inc. as my representation and soon found that they were nothing more than a "monitoring service" or "go between" and would take no action to actually help me win my case. I knew this because I was reading your email, researching and learning from the information you sent me.

I eventually terminated my relationship with Allsup Inc. and took matters into my own hands, ensuring that I did everything you recommended that be done in order to win my case. As of last week, I received notification that my application for SSDI was approved! (The same day you had your last conference call, and that is why I missed it! LOL!)

Anyway, thanks to your help, I was approved in 4 months! I just wanted to let you know that your efforts are appreciated very much.

Tammy Elaine McPherson
The Ultimate Fibromyalgia Resource Center

I Read Each And Every Email... Thanks For All You Do

Hi Brian,

Yes, I read these, each and every one!! Even if the subject doesn't seem to apply to me; every one that I read, I learn something!The biggest help I get from all of your messages is HOPE!!I have had Fibromyalgia now for 9 years, was diagnosed 2 years after I had a difficult surgery.

It took the usual 18 months of visiting Dr.'s, having many, many tests and finally the diagnosis.I was asked not to come back to work from my employer at the time, until I was better so during this 18 months I had received Long Term Disability benefits.Then, they ran out, my application to SSDI was denied, I thought I was feeling better, so went out and got another job!I have had 10 different jobs in the last 8 years.I used to be a high level executive making a very good living, with a busy life, a husband and children!

Over these past years, I have taken on different work, lower paying jobs, part-time work and can keep a job for more than a year.Last March 2010, I took a personal leave from work and have applied again for SSDI, I could not handle filling out the paperwork myself, so have hired an attorney.I am at the Hearing Level and am waiting the results of my attorneys sending in a brief to try to expedite my hearing.I haven't been able to make my mortgage payments since last May, I'm trying to work with my lender on a Modification Plan while I wait for them to foreclose or Social Security to come through for me.

A lot has changed over the years with Fibromyalgia and quite a bit has stayed the same.I don't remember anywhere I could go back in 2002 to hear about others having this condition.I was made to feel that it was all in my head, that I could get over it, things would get back to normal, etc.

I've learned about how to help my family to understand and cope with how this has not only changed me, but our entire lifestyle by reading articles that you provide.I've learned how to ask better questions and get things documented from my Dr.'s during my visits to be sure my attorneys have everything they need to help my case.

It always amazes me when I open up one of your emails to see something that I was just thinking about.For example, I recently stopped taking some medications again (this has been going on for years now) and told myself that I have to learn how to better manage my symptoms and balance my life more and try to find some different options for treatment.Then a week later, you send out an email on that exact message!!

Thanks for all you do!


A home job I never knew existed...

I have been blown away as to the amount of information that is available for people like me who already have their disability benefits. First of all I just closed on my home through an ad for Veterans loans. My husband is a veteran and we started the loan process in late October and now we own our own home. Second, I am starting a company to do self-employed work for additional income on top of what I make with my disability. Lastly, I am applying for a part time job as a Disability Advocate; a home job I never knew existed. I have been truly blessed for finding the Disability Digest.

Daphne Graaf

This is the most informative, well-structured, easy to understand website on Social Security Disability...

This is the most informative, well-structured, easy to understand website on Social Security Disability that I was able to find anywhere. I had no idea what I was doing or how to do it when I began searching for the information I needed to guide me through the Social Security Disability process and procedures. It does not matter if you are just beginning this process or you have been waiting on your case to be heard for months or years, the information, tips, ideas, advise and abundant resources are exceptional here. Thank you to Brian and all of his staff for providing such a needed service.

Julie Hilbrant

I could NO longer work Full time and filed on my own and WON without a Denial using the Disability Digest's strategy...

I was a paralegal for a law firm for 30 years. During that time I struggled with fibromyalgia and arthritis and lost my hearing in my left ear due to a benign tumor. Eventually, I could no longer work full time and filed on my own and won without a denial using the Disability Digest's strategy, which is following the mini course on how to win SSDI and interviewing with a disability representative. As an advocate, I use my experience and the Disability Digest's strategy to help people plan their own strategy to win disability.

Gail Seale

It educated me on how to move forward in applying for my benefits...Thank you for all your help...

All of the information have been helpful. The information helped to understand the disability benefits and it educated me on how to move forward in applying for my benefits and what to expect. The process has been very stressful, but rewarding to know what my rights are. It's still in the process of been reviewed, but things look promising. Thank you for all your help in providing me with information on what I need and I will keep you posted on the progress.

Gloria Freeman

I was able to get APPROVED in FOUR Months and without an Attorney!!!

The tips for what to say and not to along with all the information really helped avoid some of the pitfalls and avoid some fatal errors while applying for disability. The videos gave me some insight as to what to expect. Thanks, I was able to get approved in four months and without an attorney, being told at least one to two years!

Dale Kirkpatrick

Helped Me Understand

Hi Brian, your information helped me understand issues I was unaware of. Especially how to explain that fibro is not just an imaginary item.

Vivian Anderson
Kenosha, WI

Educated And Empowered Me


This information has educated and empowered me in making choices and decisions.

I enjoyed the segments on self-employment and social security disability because I am considering both options.

You are doing a wonderful job.

Sherry Pryor
Dumfries, Virginia

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Won For Fibromyalgia Without An Attorney

I had applied for disability on May 27, 2008, and in Nov. 2008, I began to receive my disability check. I have Fibromyalgia(chronic pain), RA, diabetes, IBS, a bone craft in my foot which did not take very well and depression. My husband & I did not have an attorney, we went by the Disability digest and researched the internet from the disability digest.

My sister is on disability too however, it took her nearly 3 years and she had an attorney. Wow! So is this not a proven fact that your Digest is very HELPFUL.

Angelia Williams
Gastonia, NC

I recommend Brian Therriens Series on Fibromyalgia for information and assistance to anyone who has similar issues as mine.

My name is Cassy and I live in Bremerton, WA I suffer from Fibromyalgia and Severe Migraines. Most days I wake up feeling like I didn't sleep ( and that is with the medications that my dr has me on) and feeling like Hot Pokers are being put against my legs, arms upper chest lower back etc... I cant stand the seams on my clothes to press against me. It sends pain thru me.

When I am at home I wear as little as possible and usually thats inside out to avoid the seams. I am weak, have to use both hands to open the refrigerator door.. and cant lift a gallon of milk without both hands, and then only to a short distance. I get numbness in my hands and feet and my feet always feel like they are swollen but when I look at them they dont appear to be.

I lose blocks of time too... sometimes only minutes but sometimes its hours and thats very scary. one day I was home watching tv at 10:30 in the morning and the next thing I knew it was 2:00 and I was standing outside my car in a grocery store parking lot a few miles from my home - alone - with my keys in my hand and nothing in the car to show I had gone shopping and no memory of any of the time in between. My Dr said its called Fibro Fog. It happens alot.

Then there's the migraines that completely floor me ... I cannot tolerate light or noise or stress and have to lie down in a dark quiet room. This does not make the migraine go away but it at least does not make it worse. I am on several medications that are supposed to alleviate the migraines but they don't. the medications for At Onset don't work because the majority of my migraines come on in my sleep.

So I am on one that is supposed to lessen the severity and frequency, but it doesn't seem to help much at all. If I am fortunate enough to wake up without a migraine It wont be long before one comes on and then when I take the Onset med it gets worse for about an hour then it goes away for about an hour and then its back again. I have lost a lot of my abilities to think a problem thru and get frustrated/anxious and end up in tears. It is an endless cycle and one I would be very happy to find an answer to.

My husband is home with me now all the time because in January he had 4 Strokes and can no longer work. So at least I am not alone.

I recommend Brian Therrien's Series on Fibromyalgia for information and assistance to anyone who has similar issues as mine.

Cassy Monske
Bremerton WA

Your Website Kept Me Upbeat & Encouraged

Hi Brian,

You have been a tremendous help to me!! I had to give up a 22-yr. teaching career.

When I was denied SSD a year ago (fibromyalgia), I emailed you for help & you were a blessing! You had someone call me the next day to advise me on what to do next.

We appealed & also applied again. Six months later, I was approved on the new claim.

Reading info on your website kept me upbeat & encouraged me to keep fighting. Listening to others that you have helped gave me hope. I only wish that I had contacted you from the start!

God Bless,

Cathy Bratcher
New Bern, NC

Thank GOD I was granted disability a few months ago

Hi Brian,

First off, I wanted to THANK YOU for your website! Both my sister and I are YOUNG and disabled with Fibro and it has been a very valuable tool for us.

No one talks and helps as much as you guys do about the path to disability and how it all works. I am very lucky that I was clear headed enough to start three years ago and read as much as I could to prepare for my journey.

Thank GOD I was granted disability a few months ago. Had I not done all that I would be in a desperate situation (which a lot of us Fibros are). We need more info like you share on your site.

I thank you again from the bottom of my heart for your services. Don't stop doing what your doing, you are helping a lot of us out here that have no where else to go!

Cynthia Dias
Folsom California

Your information has been most helpful

Hi Brian,

Your information has been most helpful, especially about finding a specialist a Rheumotologist to sign my disability forms.

Mary Sullivan
Quincy Massachusettsalifornia

helped me understand what I needed to do

Hi Brian,

Because of your help I knew what I needed to do sign up for disability.

> go to the Dr. more often,
> not be able to perform my job duties,
> have work restrictions, and
> have other things checked out by my Dr.

Wanda Mears
Woodbury, Tennessee

I am Amazed at the Depth and Accuracy of the information...


I am amazed at the depth and accuracy of the information presented in your website.

Yvonne Garman

Learned how to tell my family that I don't feel well

Hi Brian,

Thanks for helping me tell my family that I don't feel well and there willbe some days that I may not be able to move at all.

Angelia Istre
Fayetteville, Arkansas

Get Live Help From An Advocate NOW!

Thanks so very much for putting your faith in me to help you win your Disability Income!


Brian Therrien​