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If you've spent even 30 seconds searching for Fibromyalgia answers, you know there's countless web pages that link to unrelated information making it difficult to find your answers...

So if you're interested in ALL The Answers in one place from a trusted source, you're going to be thrilled you landed on this page.... Here's why:

My name is Brian Therrien, and I'm a professional researcher and disability advocate. When friends asked me to help sort through the piles of fibromyalgia information and put it all in one place I gladly agreed and left no stone unturned to create this FREE step by step guide in plain English!

At first, I was concerned with everything one should know about the disease, but then as I learned more about how debilitating the disease can be it became clear to me that people with fibromyalgia needed help understanding if they qualify for disability assistance.

I also realized that people really needed help getting approved for disability, Maximizing their disability benefits and supplementing their income without losing their benefits!

That's why when you subscribe to my FREE Fibromyalgia Digest you'll get concrete help with disease information and the issues you'll encounter in the disability system starting with disability income information including...

  • How to find out whether you qualify
  • Learn exactly what to say and do to get approved
  • How to survive the wait until you're approved
  • How to speed up the approval process
  • How to maximize your benefits
  • Reliable jobs and income
  • Where to find affordable housing in safe neighborhoods

Plus Detailed Sections To Help You Cope With Fibromyalgia

  • The latest fibroymyalgia condition information
  • How to eliminate the horrendous pain naturally
  • Where to find a doctor that understands
  • How to speed up the approval process
  • The latest treatment options
  • How to get others to believe you when you look fine
  • How to hold your head high and get respect!

And more when you become a member!

Thanks for putting your trust in me. I will not let you down.


Brian Therrien
Charlotte, Vermont

Success Stories

It is our pleasure to be serving 50,877. Check out some of our success stories below.

"Approved while working"

How Melanie’s disability was approved for Fibromyalgia while working

"Initial Application Approved"

Annette's Fibromyalgia And Disability Approval Story

"Three Approval Tips For Fibro"

Barbara's Disability Approval Tips For Fibromyalgia

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Brian Therrien

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“Disability approved in 2 months"


This knowledge helped me get my disability in 2 months

Darlene Wick – Bancroft VT

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Your information has helped me survive


These emails are so helpful, I am really struggling financially and your information is helping me find resources that I had no idea I was entitled to.

I was terminally ill for four years and your information has helped me survive. I cannot thank you enough.

Sincerely, Rebecca, California

Disclaimer: results may vary.

Psychosociologist Gets Several Approved in Months


I assist patients in filing for SSDI,
The info is helpful. Several patients have recently been approved in 2 months.

Dr. Judy R. McClary
Chesapeake, Virginia

Disclaimer: results may vary.

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