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"For those of us who want to do more with our lives than sit in a chair and become a vegetable"

Thank you for making this membership available to those of us who want to do more with our lives than sit in a chair and become a vegetable. Not only is the "real medical" information very helpful, what I find even more helpful is being able to meet, read about and realize that you are not the only human that is going thru similar challenges in life, but you can actually learn from others that have the same problems and how they have learned or share how you have learned how to deal with chronic conditions.


"Priceless to a soul living in a restrictive world"

Brian, I was searching for truth, wisdom, & hope. You bring that to me. The various courses, positive thoughts, encourages remind us we have help. This information is priceless to the human soul living in a restrictive world. Thanks so much. I read every word.

Robin kemmeter-Annen

"Won For Fibromyalgia Without An Attorney"

Mr. Therrien. I had applied for disability on May 27, 2008, and in Nov. 2008, I began to receive my disability check. I have Fibromyalgia(chronic pain), RA, diabetes, IBS, a bone craft in my foot which did not take very well and depression. My husband & I did not have an attorney, we went by the Disability digest and researched the internet from the disability digest. My sister is on disability too however, it took her nearly 3 years and she had an attorney. Wow! So is this not a proven fact that your Digest is very HELPFUL

Angelia Williams

"Learned how to tell my family that I don't feel well"

Thanks for helping me tell my family that I don't feel well and there will be some days that I may not be able to move at all.

Angelia Istre
Fayetteville, Arkansas

"You Kept Me Upbeat & Encouraged"

You have been a tremendous help to me!! I had to give up a 22-yr. teaching career.

When I was denied SSD a year ago (fibromyalgia), I emailed you for help & you were a blessing! You had someone call me the next day to advise me on what to do next.

We appealed & also applied again. Six months later, I was approved on the new claim.

Reading info. on your website kept me upbeat & encouraged me to keep fighting. Listening to others that you have helped gave me hope. I only wish that I had contacted you from the start!

God Bless,

Cathy Bratcher - New Bern, NC

"Thanks For Finding A Rheumotologist"

Hi Brian,

Your information has been most helpful, especially about finding a specialist a Rheumotologist.

Mary Sullivan - Quincy Massachusetts

"I recommend this Fibromyalgia information and assistance to anyone who has similar issues as mine."

This is the most informative, well structured, easy to understand website on Fibromyalgia and Social Security Disability that I was able to find.

I had no idea what I was doing or how to do it when I began searching for the info I needed to guide me through the Social Security Disability process and procedures.

It does not matter if you are just beginning this process or you have been waiting on your case to be heard for months or years, or are approved the information, tips, ideas, advise and abundant resources are exceptional here.

Thank you to Brian and all of his staff for providing such a needed service.

Julie H

"You Are My Earthy Guardian Angel"

Thank you so very much for your phone message and email follow up.

I Truly appreciate your expedient response assistance to my situation.

This has Been the best information that I've received since I lost my job. Bless you.

God bless,‚Äč

Tessie - California