Fibromyalgia movie and interview helps others understand the disease.

Interview and movie Invisible helps others understand and accept fibromyalgia.


If you suffer from Fibromyalgia/CFS or know someone that does and are having a hard time accepting or understanding the disease then I have some GREAT news for you…

There is a movie called Invisible that is jammed-packed with real stories from real people like you that explains what this horrible disease does, how it takes the life out of people.

The result, Invisible, helps parents, spouses, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors, employers and physicians understand and accept the disease.

Anyone in their right mind that watches this and does not get a better understanding for Fibromyalgia should go for a check up…

Invisible was created by Rik Carlson a fibromyalgia sufferer. I recently had the opportunity to meet with Rik and recorded our conversation so you can get insights into the movie and some of Rik’s tips to cope with the disease.

I believe the interview with Rik and Invisible will reduce the misunderstanding people have about Fibromyalgia and ease the frustration of not being understood.

Click here to listen to the conversation with Rik and learn about Invisible…


Brian Therrien

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